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Our Priorities

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Network of Consulting Actuaries UK is a community of experienced actuaries who work together to share and develop knowledge to provide excellent service to the insurance sector.

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Network of Consulting Actuaries UK has members who specialise and collaborate in many areas of actuarial practice such as Solvency II, longevity, actuarial software, financial reporting and pricing

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We support the ongoing development of members by arranging CPD events to widen our knowledge

Our Events

We run regular events to broaden the knowledge of our members and help them meet CPD requirements. Events are currently run as a teleconference on Friday lunchtimes and last for an hour, so can easily fit around work committments. Our calls are accessible from 62 countries around the world.

Choose any event below to see more details and to register.

Fri 23rd February 2018Recovery and Resolution plans
Fri 23rd March 2018MicroInsurance - making it work
Fri 27th April 2018Preserving the Value of Diversification in Resolution
Fri 25th May 2018Fintech and the FCA advice unit
Thu 28th June 2018Government Actuary's Department - Overview of Recent Projects
Fri 27th July 2018Developments in the Matching Adjustment

Our events are sponsored by Star Actuarial Futures.

Star Actuarial Futures

About Us

Network of Consulting Actuaries UK is an independent non-profit organisation committed to developing and sharing knowledge amongst independent consulting actuaries in the UK.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide excellent actuarial service and support to our UK insurance company clients.

VISION: Our vision is to be making a positive contribution to the ongoing development of the insurance sector.

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Meet Our Team

PresidentJames Sharpe
Committee membersRishi Bhatia
Roelof Coertze
Tim Berry
Gaurang Mehta
Joseph Simon-Clyde
Nikos Katrakis


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